How to Form A Band

It has to be said at the outset – this isn’t some random tech blog, so you don’t have to worry about just being another one of this site’s website visitors. To the Mirage Band, you really matter. In fact, you matter so much that the band is more than willing to teach you how to form your own band, if the time ever comes that you’ll finally take that musical talent seriously and start earning from it.

When starting a band, you need to choose which instrument you want to play. You can purchase your instrument on online shops like Lazada and use voucher code for existing customers or you can use park n shop coupons to take advantage of the special offer and discounts. You can enter the voucher code after choosing the item.

The Mirage band has put together a few steps just to get you started. Of course, along the way you’ll probably be learning a few on your own, but nevertheless, these first three are of utmost importance. Best if you’re paying close attention.

Step One: Get Off the Ground

How do you start your own band? You get out there and make yourself known that you’re looing for bandmates. Yes, there are some who have fairly suceeded while going solo, but that’s not really your thing, is it? There’s some value to be had from sharing hardwork and sharing rewards together; it somehow gives more meaning to what you’re doing. So how do you begin? You get out there and look for those precious bandmates. Oh, and make sure you have at least a similar level of music-playing. There’s better chances of you starting immediately if you’re all on the same page, skill-wise.

Step Two: Pick a Genre

This is also important. Apart from being on the same page skill-wise, it’s also good to have a common understanding as to what sort of music you are going to play. Picking and deciding on a genre helps to establish your band’s repertoire – the full list of songs that you play best, the same one you’ll be offering to your clients when the time comes.

Step Three: Nail a Look

This, too, is another consequence of genre-picking. Once you’ve settled on a genre, it would be good to determine a ‘band look’ from that genre. Are you the alternative rock type? The standard ballad type? The 70s band? Once you have this figured out, determine your look from that.

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